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Many people want to leave a legacy to charity when they pass away. These legacies make a huge difference to charities. It also allows you to continue to support causes that you care about after you have gone. If you are passionate about the future of homeopathy, you may want to consider leaving a legacy to HAT.


Homeopathy has made such a difference to the lives of so many people, often when other forms of healthcare have failed. Perhaps you have experienced the benefits of homoeopathy for yourself, how it can change lives, and helped in difficult times throughout life? 


By remembering HAT in this way, you can help to ensure that our work continues supporting homeopathy and future generations of homeopaths to improve health and wellbeing.


You can seek help from a solicitor to write a will, who will advise you on how to leave a gift to charity. If you already have a will, your solicitor can simply add a legacy to it.


If you are considering leaving a gift to HAT please contact us, and we can discuss it with you, and provide the details you would need such as our charity number and address.

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