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History of HAT

The Homeopathy Action Trust (HAT) was established in December 2002 through an amalgamation of two existing charities, the Society of Homeopaths Charitable Trust and Friends of Homeopathy. It combined the dynamism of the then newly created organisation with the knowledge, experience, track record and supporter base from its predecessors. 


As a membership charity, HAT has strived for a successful long-term future of homeopathy through positive advocacy and by inspiring a curiosity to learn homeopathy for life as a foundation for success.


HAT has always been a community of people who are passionate about homeopathy. It was when it was founded, and remains so today. However, it has evolved on its journey to now have education and the support of students and graduates in homeopathy as a key part of its remit, so that it can help disadvantaged students to train in homeopathy and begin successful careers as the homeopaths of the future. 


HAT aims to create a positively inspired community using homeopathy. Our members include the general public, homeopathic patients, students, practitioners, homeopathic colleges and homeopathic associations. If you share our passion for homeopathy, then you will be welcomed into the HAT community.

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